10 Most Expensive Products In The World

Luxury has many facets: someone buys expensive mansions, others indulge themselves in luxury cars, and someone just doesn’t mind eating a few thousand dollars. But the most expensive products in the world are likely to remain out of our reach.

1.The most expensive nut is macadamia. It is the most nutritious nut in the world, it helps with headaches, arthritis, and varicose veins, improves immunity, and improves skin composition, has anti-aging properties, and strengthens hair.

No wonder in ancient times macadamia was considered a holy nut. It is clear that the difficulties of growing and the many beneficial properties, and especially the amazing taste, made macadamia the most expensive nut in the world.

2.The most expensive meat is marbled beef. The price of marbled beef depends on the number of layers, the more of them, the more expensive the meat. To obtain such beef, cows of a special breed are bred Wagyu.

Previously, they were only in Japan, but in recent years they have been grown in Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina. But not every cow of this breed gets marbling; this requires special care.

3.The most expensive spice in the world is saffron. The dried stigmas of saffron are used as an orange spice and food coloring. It even has properties to slow down the loss of vision in the elderly. At the moment, the properties of the plant are just beginning to be studied.

4.The most expensive caviar in the world is “Almas” caviar. Only about 10 kg of such caviar are mined per year, and the queue for purchase is drawn up for many years in advance.

Caviar “Almas” is packed in 24-carat gold jars, and the cost of 100 grams reaches 3 thousand dollars. Light and fresh aroma, incomparable taste, and long nutty aftertaste have elevated it to the rank of the most expensive delicacies in the world.

5.The most expensive coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak. Coffee beans, which naturally leave the digestive tract of animals, are dried in the sun, then thoroughly washed, then dried and fried again. In Europe, the price reaches 400 per kilogram, while in retail the price can be twice as expensive.

6.The most expensive mushroom in the world is the truffle. In 2007, three billionaires from Hong Kong united and bought one mushroom for three. They paid 209,000 for a 750g truffle, so the bigger the mushroom, the higher the price.

The largest truffle that could be found weighed two and a half kilograms. And the most valuable of all truffles is the white diamond, which grows only in the Italian province of Piedmont. Truffle price depends on several factors:

7.The most expensive oil in the world is argan oil. If you are in Morocco and see a goat on a tree, then it is definitely argan. The fruits are shaped like olives, and the oil is obtained by processing these fruits.

From 30 kg of nuts, you can get only 1 liter of oil. Argan oil is not only delicious but also healthy. Helps with hair and skin diseases. And to buy just 100 milliliters, you’ll have to fork out 300.

8.The most expensive bread in the world. Paul Hollywood keeps his recipe in the strictest confidence, but it is known for certain that one of the components of the miracle bread is French Roquefort cheese, as well as almonds. You can buy super bread only in boutiques in London, and its price is almost twenty times more expensive than usual.

9.The most expensive milk in the world is the milk of mice, into whose body a human gene is introduced. One such mouse is valued at three thousand dollars. Mice are milked using the thinnest tubes on electronic equipment.

And to milk one liter of milk, you need to milk 4500 mice. It is not surprising that the price of one liter of mouse milk is very high about 23 thousand dollars.

10.The most expensive potato is La Bonnotte. The price of one kilogram of this potato exceeds 500. The land on which La Bonotte is grown is fertilized with special seaweed.

The beds are made small, with a special heating and ventilation system. The work is carried out without the use of technology, only manually. And in one season only 100tons of such super potatoes are collected